Omega Project
  • What is it? - A Webcomic
  • Genre(s) - Sci-fi, drama, anthro, action
  • Introduction/Description:
    Welcome to Omega City, a haven built by Eudaimon Labs as part of their major project, the Omega Project. A project to enhance human lives and their well-being, a truly magnificent city. However, the company holds a dark secret to their great success. That secret is their creation and abuse of the Beta Humans, or Betas. The Betas are an anthropomorphic race used for testing, hence the name Beta. Ever since the incident 20 years ago, the Betas escaped and are exposed to the public. There are debates concerning the Betas to this day, but currently they are able to live peacefully within the city as they are protected by law. But that peace will be broken soon as the two female Betas, Crys and Kay discover.
  • Schedule - None;
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  • First debut - TBA

The Creator

  • Name: Lei Fukuda
  • Alias: Everthiana; formerly Omneon and Ironmew
  • Gender: Female
  • Education: Bachelor's in Philosophy with minor in Linguistics [California State University, Long Beach; Dec 2010]
  • Occupation: A part-timer, freelance artist, and webcomic creator (writes and draws)
  • Bio: Not much is known about her except you'll probably see her work on the internet on occasion. She generally does not have much to say about herself because her life isn't as interesting as most others, and it doesn't help when she's also a hermit. She is mostly interested in Philosophy (I know, most of you folks probably cringe at that word/topic), which explains why she pursued her studies in Philosophy rather than art. So excuse her unprofessional and inconsistent art quality... she always strives to do her best in art though, since it is her second passion. If you would like to know more about the creator, you can always just add her on Google+ or Facebook and message her. She'll answer any questions as long as it does not spoil any of her webcomic stories.

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